VDFP Vorstand Janine Jackowski auf Panel im Europäischen Parlament

Am 08.11.2017 war Janine Jackowski auf einem Panel im Europäischen Parlament in Brüssel und nahm zur Erhaltung des Territorialitätsprinzips angesichts der drohenden Sat/Cab Verordnung Stellung. Hier ein Auszug Ihres Beitrags:

"European co-productions are definitely a success model. Almost all films that are nominated for the European film award or the Lux film prize, that play in the competition in Cannes, Berlin and Venice are international co-productions. We depend on the financial contribution and the knowledge of our co-producers to finance and distribute our films in the EU. We profit on every level from the knowledge and sensibility of our local coproducers and their network. 

Unfortunately, the basic principle of such collaborations is seriously jeopardised at the moment. Here is why:  I have to guarantee my French or Bulgarian partner an exclusive (!) exploitation of our film in his (or her) territory, otherwise he won't be able to get any financial contribution to the film. This of corse also applies to the online rights, since online exploitation becomes more and more important. My European colleagues and I (in fact the whole audio-visual sector) are constantly warning political decision makers, not to devalue those rights and foster a market distortion. It is crucial that we keep the principal of territoriality. Instead, we hope you will strengthen independent European filmmakers for the sake of diverse cinematographic European content."